Bonnie Jean Kuras


Bonnie Jean is a former teacher, Learning Disabilities Specialist and Elementary/Middle School Principal who has worked with children, parents/caregivers, and educators for over 30 years. While presently working to prevent child maltreatment as a Training Specialist and Community Educator in Pitt County, North Carolina for the TEDI BEAR CAC ; she offers COSP trainings to anyone in the community who is interested in enhancing their connection with their children, foster children, grandchildren or children they may work with. Bonnie Jean often shares that she sees COSP's as a first-step opportunity in maltreatment and abuse prevention, as it provides parents with a roadmap to understanding the needs of their children and how to respond to those needs in a "strong, wise and kind" way. She readily shares with her groups that her own adult children notice a change in her parenting, as she puts COSP into personal practice everyday! On-site childcare can be arranged as needed. A meal is always ready for you at your seat at the table!



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