Adrienne Gilbert Stevenson


Adrienne Gilbert Stevenson, BA, MPH (Master of Public Health, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education) has supported women and children and their families through systems level support, program management of federal (both domestic and international) family support programs and county health department level systems improvement projects over the past 15 years. She has served as a facilitator, leader, connector, relationship developer, networker, mentor, and in-home educator. Adrienne's own step-daughter is 10 years old. In addition to being a source of delight in her life, she teaches Adrienne about the concepts of the circle of security on a daily basis. After learning that healthy childhood attachment and positive childhood experiences are the key to prevention of adverse childhood experiences, she is eager to support others in the discovering the same concepts. After having worked on systems and programmatic levels, Adrienne has reconnected with the grassroots work of serving and working with families on the ground in their homes. She believes that healthy attachment and early relational health is at the core of developing healthy individuals and therefore self-aware individuals who become the fabric of our social service and public health systems. In addition to offering 8 week co-facilitated groups, she also incorporates these concepts into her current role as an in-home educator in Western North Carolina.




Asheville North Carolina 28804
United States