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As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide individual counseling as well as enjoy facilitating family counseling and parent coaching to build on family strengths and increase cooperation, communication and overall family functioning. I consider myself as having an eclectic range of therapeutic approaches to be able to individualize my methodology based on client need. Some of my areas of focus and special training include: interactive play psychotherapy, narrative therapy, therapeutic art, sensory play, cognitive behavioral therapy and emotionally focused therapy. I strive for a holistic approach to address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual. Before entering into the clinical counseling setting, I worked as a behavioral therapist for Tulsa Public Schools. Providing therapeutic services in the academic setting allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in behavior planning, Indidivualized Education Plans and bridging behavioral needs with academic successes. I have found this knowledge especially helpful for client's with behavioral needs in the school setting. I enjoy helping the family advocate for their student's best interests on the road toward academic and behavioral success. My approach to counseling is to empower my clients and families so that upon termination of therapy services, they are better able to handle life’s difficulties and challenges on their own. I view myself as a teammate, standing alongside clients and families in their journey. I am here to assist, support, facilitate and provide them with necessary knowledge, skills and resources needed to tackle challenges in order to reach desired treatment goals. Clinical Experience: Infant and Toddler Mental Health, Developmental Assessment Screeners, "What about me" (siblings of children with special needs and/or siblings of children with chronic illness), ADHD/ADDAnxiety/stress related disorders, Aggression/explosive Anger disorders, Communication skills, Depressive Disorders, Interventions for difficult familial relationships, Interventions for negative behaviors/attitudes/choices, Issues involving separation from parent due to out of home placement or incarceration of parent, Issues involving self-esteem/self-worth, Issues surrounding divorce/separation, Issues surrounding the deployed parent, Mood disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Parenting strategies/interventions/support, School anxiety/stress, Social Skills, Trauma/abuse/PTSD Infant Mental Health services provided by Ashley Wale-Beers, MHR, LPC-S Infant Mental Health focuses on establishing a full range of developmental capacities with the birth to four year old child. The foundation of all domains in human development are established in the first years of an infant/child’s life. Development is based on the abilities to love, feel, posses a developed sense of self, environmentally acclimate and establish trust. Infant Mental Health focuses on the social and emotional well-being of the young child in connection to family and care giver relationships , beginning at birth and extending through preschool.​ ​Infant Mental Health services focus on: -Strengthening bonds and attachments as well as the formation of close interpersonal relationships -Safe ways to encourage the exploration of the child’s environment -Guiding the infant/toddler’s developmental learning -Encouraging the experience of emotions -Supporting ways to appropriately regulate and express emotions.



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