Exam Registration

To register for the Circle of Security Assessment & Treatment Planning Exam, you must have attended and completed the 10-Day Intensive Training course. All applicants will be cross-referenced with our attendance records.

The Circle of Security exam fee is $350.00 USD. We require a signed Confidentiality Oath which is available for download below.

Please expect the written exam and 2-DVD set to arrive via mail within 2-3 weeks.

Your completed exam and the COS exam is to be emailed, and the DVDs are to be returned, within 6 months after you receive them.  We will notify you by email that your completed exam package was received, within 30 days of its receipt.  Within six months of receiving your exam, we will will complete scoring and notify you by email of your results. If you decide not to complete the exam, you must still return the DVDs within the specified time period. You may not duplicate DVDs.

Please download and fill out the confidentiality form and email angie@circleofsecurityinternational.com for details on how to register.